Supply Store Go Forth and Multiply

There are pros and cons that come with living at the arse end of the globe.

If you want the latest and greatest new shiny things at your fingertips, you need luck, spare change, and the patience to wait for a parcel to sail the highs seas and arrive on your doorstep. BUT, it ain’t all bad, especially when longtime favourite Supply Store is around to cancel out the cons. Stocked with the best new stuff from Palace, NikeLab, Bianca Chandon, visvim, Stone Island and more, Supply Store has been a stalwart of the Sydney scene for 17 years now, and they’ve just opened the doors of their second store, much to the delight of our friends down in Melbourne. Located at 29A Sutherland Street, the store has been designed to incorporate the original heritage aesthetic of its new home, and as you can see from the photos, it’s somewhere you’re probably going to want to overstay your welcome a little bit.

Go say hi to Supply Store Melbourne! Open 10am-6pm weekdays and Saturday, 11am-5pm Sunday.

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