FLATS Episode 4: Holly Ryan

For our fourth episode of FLATS (the like Cribs-but-better web series we make with our buddies from flatmates.com.au), we dropped by the home of artist and jeweller Holly Ryan and met her roommates, artists Kitty Callaghan and Jamie Preisz.

They gave us an extensive tour of their beautiful Redfern spread, ‘Witch Hazel’, a place where Holly conducts both business and leisure. While her Swedish sauna-style bedroom is tucked away via a rickety ladder above, Holly spaces out below deck in a dungeon-come-studio dedicated to hammering away at her contemporary designs and producing enough dust to annoy the shit out of Kitty. Completing the flatmates trifecta is artist and photographer Kitty, and her boyfriend Jamie Preisz, whose incredible paintings have seen him win the Packing Room Prize for his portrait of Jimmy Barnes in Australia’s most prestigious portraiture competition. Give it a watch above.

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