Pist Idiots Turn It Up For Their Hometown

‘Pissed’ is Australian slang for being exceptionally intoxicated.

‘Idiot’ is a person displaying stupid behaviour (we all know someone). Put the two together and you have the Pist Idiots, four true blue blokes hailing from the Wild West of Revesby, Sydney. Currently at the halfway point of their Motor Runnin’ tour, the Pist Idiots took to the stage last Friday for their second sold-out show, filling Sydney’s Crow Bar (once the Bald Faced Stag) to the brim.

There’s something special about seeing a band playing on home soil to a local crowd of friends and family—without fail, both band and supporters always kick things up a notch. Much to the security’s disappointment, beers were thrown and crowds were surfed. It became impossible to not act like a pissed idiot, but with the infectious and relatable anthems of the Pist Idiots ringing in your ears, how could you not?

Over the past two years, the four-piece rock ‘n’ roll outfit have really hit their stride, making a name for themselves not just in Sydney, but nationwide. They get bigger and better with every gig—shit, these days they’ve even got their own tour managers and stagehands. Their hard work has been paying off, and it’s been a pleasure to see them blossom into rock ‘n’ roll legends.

The Pist Idiots’ tour will be wrapping up soon, but the fun’s only just getting started. On the 21st of July you can catch the boys playing at this year’s Splendour in the Grass. You’d be stupid to miss it… dare say, an idiot.

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