Here’s What You Missed at ‘Street Cats’

Photos by Andrew Peters

Did you manage to make it to the opening of Street Cats?

No? Well, we hate to say it, but you missed a good one. It was a packed house at 98 Orchard for exhibiting photographers and skateboarders Kenny Anderson, Zered Bassett, Al Davis, and Brian Delatorre, with illustrations by Alexis Sablone. Also thrown in the mix were birthday celebrations for the skateboarder and musician who’s been sipping at the fountain of eternal youth for 40 years, Nuge, who also got on the decks for the night.

If you’re scrolling through the photos from Street Cats below and feel like you missed out, fear not—the entire collection of photos and illustrations from the talented group of skateboarders has been rounded up into a single limited-edition zine, thanks to Cons and yours truly. In it, we find out why Al Davis needs a wife to help with his cameras and cats, how Kenny Anderson first got into shooting back in Vegas, and more… but you’ll need to get the next issue of Monster Children (stay tuned for the release date) to get your hands on a copy.


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