Joel Pratley, 'Jasmine.'

‘Australian Life’ Photo Comp is Your Chance to Win $10K!

Each year, the City of Sydney’s temporary public art program, Art & About, run a photo competition called Australian Life.

The comp invites all Australian citizens and permanent residents to enter their work (maximum two photos) and maybe, just maybe, win the grand prize: $10,000.

10K? That’s a lot of money for pressing a little button. Ah, but there’s more to it than that. The judges—Mags Keane, Cherine Fahd and Dennis Golding—are looking to see photos from all walks of Australian life, not just the obvious stuff like kangaroos eating vegemite sandwiches on top of the Opera House. The judges hope to see more variety in the entries this year and encourage entrants to submit their favourite photos, not just what they think the judges might like.

Loulou McPhee, ‘Second Best Cafe in Town.’

Entries are open now until midnight 16 June 2019, at which point the judges will carefully scrutinise all entries and then make their call. Will it be you? Maybe. Then again, maybe not… But maybe! Finalists will be exhibited in Hyde Park Sydney from 19 September to 6 October. To get you thinking about what your entry might be, here’s a gallery of finalists from the 2018 competition. Take a look, have a think, and get your entries in (for free) HERE!

Matt Palmer, ‘Rhys Lightning.’

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