The Six Young Designers That’ve Caught Our Eye

Have you had the chance to watch The Presets’ incredible new lyric video for ‘Tools Down’ yet?

One of duo’s heaviest hitting dance tracks from 2018 album Hi Viz was offered up to the best creatives in all the land to mess around with, and the results were even better than we expected. The Presets, Jonathan Zawada and Adobe trawled through the entries to find their favourites for the winners of Adobe x The Presets: Lyrical Masters (and did a very solid job of it), but what about us? We like stuff too.

Because we’re design-loving narcissists, we decided to curate our own favourite graphics and animations from the fast-paced final product, all of which you’ll find just below. From Aidan Power’s corporate colour clash to Melissa So’s 80s pastel entry, check out the ones that tickled our fancies the most… after you’ve given the ‘Tools Down’ lyric video a watch (above), of course.

Fil Ryabchikov @filianstudio
Aidan Power
Aidan Ryan @Heyaidan
Melissa So @quiteso
Chloe Elizabeth @chloeeeelizabeth
Shyanne Trutwein @shyannetrutwein

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