Jamie Preisz Creates Unlikely Still Lifes

Artwork by Jamie Preisz, photos by Kitty Callaghan

Sydney artist Jamie Preisz returns with his second solo show at Jerico Contemporary.

Moving away from realistic portraiture, Jamie captures unexpected still lifes in his new body of work, Soft Machine. The 11 paintings that make up the exhibit turn everyday objects into glistening chrome and metallic images—from smiling helium balloons, to a ram’s skull, to blooming flowers, every piece has been laboured over for months under Jamie’s perfectionist hand, and you can check them all out at Jerico Contemporary in Woolloomooloo, Sydney, from Thursday the 6th of June. After the sell-out success of his 2018 series Hold On, Jamie’s upcoming exhibition will have both art lovers and booze freeloaders banging down the gallery doors to get a slice of the pie, so don’t miss out.

Soft Machine is showing at Jerico Contemporary from June 6th until June 29th. 

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