New Month, New Music

Is it too late to say it’s a new month?

Tbh, it still feels like February 2017 to me, so the fact that we’re already one week into the fifth month of 2019 is utterly inconceivable. Anyway, last week I wrote a scathing review of some of this year’s worst songs, so I thought it’d be nice to balance out all that neg energy with some ~ positive vibes ~ in the shape of new music. And girl-oh-girl did this week deliver. Featuring new tunes from IDLES, MorMor, Cate Le Bon and more, here’s the freshest catches of the week.

IDLES – Mercedes Marxist

If you’ve ever been stuck in a conversation with me for more than 32 seconds, firstly, I apologise (sorry doesn’t fix it–Ed). Secondly, chances are you’ve heard me talk about IDLES. The Bristol band are revolutionising contemporary punk music and rewriting the message it delivers. This new number was recorded at the same time as the tracks on their 2018 masterpiece, Joy As An Act Of Resistance, with vocalist Joe Talbot intending to release it separately to the album. Time to brush off those fists and raise them to the sky.

MorMor – Some Place Else

Toronto-based singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist MorMor really got me in the feels with this one. It’s the title track off his second EP, a collection of six moody and melodic toe tappers he dropped at the end of last week. If body tingles could make sound.

Faye Webster – Right Side of My Neck

Remember when neck tattoos were a sign of rebellion, and now they’re just a sign of unemployment? Kidding, do what you want, it’s your neck and financial hardship. 21-year-old Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Faye Webster won’t need to worry about the latter if she keeps dropping hits like this one off her upcoming album, Atlanta Millionaires Club, out May 24. Who can say no to that vibey Americana guitar twang? Not I.

Calexico and Iron & Wine – Midnight Sun

I’d like to imagine that this collaboration came to be after the two legendary indie bands enjoyed a lively discussion about solar panels and the circadian rhythm of plants over a sulphite free bottle of skin contact orange. It’s a match made in folk-rock heaven, and this second single from their upcoming joint album Years to Burn is all the evidence you need.

Cate Le Bon – The Light

UK musician and producer Cate Le Bon has always made music that sounds off-kilter in a good way. Somehow she manages to dip her toe into the absurd but then yank it back just in time to save herself from free-falling into the abyss of self-indulgence. There’s a method to her madness and a confidence in her eccentricity that shines through on everything she touches, and this single off her upcoming record, Reward, is no exception.

Cat Power – Horizon

Chan Marshall just dropped this beautiful video to accompany another track off her latest album, Wanderer, and is someone chopping onions in here? A moving ode to the significance of family (and the many forms it can take), the video hosts a horde of familiar faces including Lucia Santina Ribisi, Danny Garcia and Sean Pablo.

Mildlife – How Long Does It Take?

Hold on, hold on. How is this the first time I’ve heard this band? The Melbourne-based four-piece sound like they have been stockpiling positive vibes and vacation days since the glory days of Miami-bound cocaine planes. Apparently, their live shows are full blown barn burners, too. Have I just made the most important musical discovery of 2019? All signs are pointing to yep.

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