Todd Francis and Porous Walker Made a Very Serious Playlist

Artists Todd Francis and Porous Walker put on an amazing show called FOOLS at 1700 Naud, and these are the tunes that got them in the mood.

As you’ll discover when you head on over to our Apple Music curator’s page and hit play, the songs selected by the pair accurately reflect the serious works they put together for the show—from Hank Penny’s ‘Let Me Play With Your Poodle’ to ‘What’s That Smells Like Fish’ by Blind Boy Fuller and Bull City Red.

And if you’re looking for more musical nuggets, we’ve got a little corner of the universe over on Apple Music where we frequently update curated playlists by the best artists, surfers, skaters, photographers and creatives from around the world. It’s impossible not to find something you like over there, we promise. Go check it out (the first three months are free!).

Listen to FOOLS on Apple Music right here.

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