Some Cool Shit We Want

Here are some things I really like. If you like me, you’ll buy them for me.

I shouldn’t have to ask our readers to buy me presents, but that’s where we’re at these days. Used to be I got free stuff all the time. I couldn’t turn up to the office without stubbing my toe on a pile of free stuff, but these days I’m lucky if someone flings a sticker at me from a passing car. It’s sad. Still, I must have free things, so please read this list and figure out amongst yourselves who is buying me what. Thanks in advance for turning this around so quick.

Allan MDLR

Ryan Allan is an old buddy of the mag and an all-around super-champ. He’s also an entrepreneur, a creative director, a lifestyle/fashion and skateboarding photographer, and a Canadian. But mostly he’s a damn good photographer, which is why his co-designed capsule collection with MDLR is a must-have for anyone who takes their photography seriously. If you don’t take your photography seriously, you can keep lugging your gear around in a pillowcase, that’s fine. But, if you wanna do it properly, check out the ALLAN MDLR range.


Our custom collab with EPØKHE has to be the bestest-selling thing we ever did. Tom Hardy bought a pair. Can you believe that? And he didn’t buy them online—he came by the LA office on one of those single-wheel things you see nerds riding around on. It was weird. He was eating a block of brie like a cookie. There’s only a handful of these limited-edition suckers left, so grab a pair while they last. Or don’t. Tom is bound to need replacement pairs from falling off his galactic dork-cycle.

Vans X Modernica

SoCal icons Modernica and Vans have partnered up for an exclusive capsule that will make you stop and wonder why this hasn’t happened already. If you’re a fan of mid-century design (who isn’t?), you’d be more than familiar with Modernica; twenty-five-years ago, the LA-based furniture company helped put the lost art of high-pressure fiberglass molding back on the map, and now they’ve used those practices to bring three iconic Vans patterns to life in classic Shell Chair form. Returning the favour, Vans is releasing six matching shoes. Very nice.


HUF Cromer 2

HUF have dropped Brad Cromer’s second signature-model, the Cromer 2, and it’s a seamless balance of simplicity and functionality, exactly as Brad envisioned. The shoe is reinforced with HUF’s trademark ‘Infinity Rubber’ outsole, ‘Rubber Shield’ barrier, ‘Strut-Soft’ insole, and four-way-stretch mesh tongue stabiliser. It also features the first four letters of my surname, so I’ll probably be scoring a pair of these and scratching off the ‘ER’.

Octopus is Real

Octopus is Real have started releasing their various grip models in a sort of off-white hue that many of you might know as ‘Cream.’ Pictured here is the DION AGIUS II, which is a three-piece Hybrid grip with CORDUROY GRIP™, OCTO GROOVE centre bar, and raised OCTO Groove Centre Arch (50º tail kick / 30mm tall) in the colour of Cream. Used to be you could only get this one in black, but now Octopus is Real have it in Cream, which, as we all know, is the colour of white chocolate. Is this made out of white chocolate? No. Are the black ones liquorice? No. Should you try to eat them anyway? Yes.

The Castle On Sunset

Shawn Levy, the bloke who wrote Rat Pack Confidential, Paul Newman: A Life and Dolce Vita Confidential (which you should have read by now), has smashed out another book and this time it’s all about the life and times of the hotel I, Crombie, want to die in: The Chateau Marmont. For nearly a century, Hollywood’s brightest stars have treated the Chateau Marmont like a home away from home and a place to go completely bat-shit on drugs. Too many scandals to mention here, but if the walls in the Chateau could talk, they’d tell the stories in this book. I couldn’t put it down. READ THIS BOOK!

Converse: Louie Lopez Pro

Louie’s got a new shoe and it looks pretty cool, like a modern take on the original One Stars. The Louie Lopez Pro features a classic reinforced stitched suede upper, perforated tongue and outer sidewalls, and a classic black/white colourway. I’d get these if I were you. You’ve been getting around with two blobs of Shoo Goo at the ends of your legs and everyone’s talking. You need new shoes. Get some LLPs.

Old Pal

Our buddies, Land, have had a hand in designing a new marijuana brand called ‘Old Pal’, and if you’re in the U.S. you can purchase a sack of Old Pal, put on an Old Pal t-shirt and roll yourself a jazz cigarette. But if you’re reading this in Australia, you can frown and wish the government would bugger off and stop holding up pot legalization so they can figure out how to keep all the profits for themselves. Pack of Skeksis. Grow your own, Australia. Don’t give those bums a penny. If you’re in America, though, get some Old Pal. It’s the shit.

Fender Powercaster

Would you look at this guitar? It’s gorgeous. I used to have a cherry red Telecaster, but I sold it when I was poor that time. So sad. Now all I have is a shitty acoustic I found in the garbage, I think it has scabies. The Fender Powercaster doesn’t have scabies, but it does have the giant sound of an Atomic™ humbucking pickup with the articulate voice of a single-coil Soapbar pickup, a roasted maple neck, and sweeping pickguard and curves that would make Raquel Welch green with envy. Jesus. Will you please look at this guitar?

Jansport: The Hatchet

Why do we all love backpacks so much? What is it about them that gets us so excited? Is it the promise of adventure, or the joy of organisation and convenience? Was it all those Famous Five novels we read as kids? Ah, The Famous Five: Julian, Dick, Anne, George, and Timmy the dog. The 1840s were so great… Anyhoo, the JanSport Hatchet backpack features a versatile sleeve designed to fit a 15-inch laptop, deluxe organizer panel, tablet pocket, and water bottle pockets. It also looks cool and gets you excited to have an adventure like The Famous Five!


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