The Government Want to Demolish Sacred 800 Year Old Trees

The Notre Dame Cathedral isn’t the only sacred monument close to obliteration this week.

The Victorian government is planning to bulldoze hundreds of trees sacred to the Djap Wurrung people west of Melbourne. For a highway. To reduce travel time on the route by approximately two minutes. Thank god we’ve got an Indigenous person with a deep knowledge and respect for First Nations people as Special Envoy of Indigenous Affairs to fight against this gross injustice! Oh… wait.

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is now Special Envoy of Indigenous Affairs. Mr. Abbott, white male politician, also once referred to the colonisation of Australia as ‘a form of foreign investment by the British government in the then unsettled or, um, scarcely settled, Great South Land.’

The area set for bulldozing includes a traditional birthing tree, which has seen over 50 generations of Djap Wurrung people born. The birthing tree and surrounding sacred trees are currently encircled by three camps of demonstrators in a quest to stop the roadworks and retain the culturally sacred landmarks. Not only are the trees irreplaceable for the Djap Wuurung people, they’re also home to many species of threatened native fauna.

Help protect sacred Djap Wurrung birthing trees from a dirty big highway by signing the petition right here, right now.

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