Premiere: Chippa, Robbie Rickard and Lee Wilson in ‘Apotek’

The road to success is paved with a few too many cocktails.

At least that’s the case for ten-minute heater APOTEK, premiering right here for the first time, right now, today.

APOTEK is the lovechild of Shane Fletcher and myself,’ says North coast surfer Robbie Rickard. ‘We conceived it in the Maldives over a few too many margaritas. The plan was to travel to the Maldives, Indonesia and across Australia, and ‘highlight the contrasting styles of Chippa, Lee and (Robbie) throughout the film.’ The result was exactly what Robbie and the boys had hoped for.

Hit play on the best 10-minutes of your day, then go check out all the action from the launch party with Brixton on the Gold Coast below.

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