The Best of ‘Record Shopping’

What are your favourite bands and musicians taking home after a visit to the record store?

Well, we managed to get a few of them to show us exactly what they were bagging for one of our favourite segments, Record Shopping, and the results WILL SHOCK YOU. That’s supposed to make you thirsty to hit play below, right? Hit play below.

Mark Ronson

This was our very first episode of Record Shopping, and we decided to test it out on some guy called Mark Ronson. In retrospect, we should have given him $100,000 and asked him to build our entire vinyl collection, but that would involve owning one hundred thousand dollars in the first place. Baby steps.

The Growlers

They came, they picked, they purchased, and they talked shit on James Taylor. Enjoy one of our very first episodes of Record Shopping.


We found out that Pedrum, Matthew and Spencer were all working at Amoeba Music when the band first got started, so who better equipped to find sonic gems at our local record store than the Allah-Las? We gave the guys $200 and stuck around to see what they could scrounge with our dollars. From Heart of Darkness to a ‘slinky, sultry, dreamy, steamy sax-driven album,’ here’s what they picked up.

Best Coast

We told Beth and Bruno to treat themselves to a bit of vinyl. They ended up scoring some gold, including a record form a band we’d never heard before—80’s psych-rockers Hawkwind. Mutha fuckers stole it right out of our hands. Actually, they deserved it. Best Coast are the best.

Kirin J Callinan

There are two things we know for sure about Kirin J Callinan: he’s always wearing the most sauve garments out, and he’s got damn good taste in music. We gave him $200 and released him into a Sydney record store, to see what nuggets of gold this musical prospector could unearth.

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