Future Sounds with Dave P.

Dave P. is a transcendental/futuristic sound pioneer and producer, a resident DJ at Making Time in Philadelphia and Fixed in New York, and he also hosts a monthly radio show called Making Time Radio.

When we decided to dedicate Issue 62 to the future, Dave immediately sprang to mind. As long as I’ve known him, he’s been standing right next to the ‘new things’ blowhole, catching the latest stuff as it rockets out. He always knows what’s next, and that’s especially true when it comes to music: Dave lives and breathes future music. He’s an ambassador for the world of tomorrow. He’s also supernaturally optimistic, and to know him is to love him.

Definitely check out his Soundcloud and Mixcloud pages to hear what you’re missing (he uploads his sets and radio shows), and get over to Monster Children’s Apple Music page here to listen to his full playlist.

See more from MC #62, the Future Issue buy getting yourself a copy right here.

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