The Saddest New Music for Valentine’s Day

Is there anything worse than being single on Valentine’s Day?

Yes, and it’s called being in a relationship. Zing! On a serious note, if you feel alone on Hallmark’s holiday this year, don’t fight it. Succumb to the sadness. Or, alternatively, send yourself flowers like my classmate Kat Bexley did in Year 10. Just don’t write the card in your own handwriting if anyone who knows what your handwriting looks like might see it. Say, for instance, your entire high school. Rough couple of years for Kat B after that. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, embrace the sadness. Grab a bottle and press play.

SOAK – Valentine Shmalentine

What an aptly titled song to kick off this post. Released just a few days ago, ‘Valentine Shmalentine’ is the new single from Irish artist Bridie Monds-Watson, aka SOAK. According to Bridie, this track is “the result of both giving into Hallmark and being a dramatic bitch.” We’ve all been there, Bridie. The video is an emoji-filled exploration of love in the dawn of iMessage, which is a depressing sentence to even type. This tear-jerker is the second single off her upcoming second album Grim Town, released on April 26.

Anna Of The North – Leaning On Myself

Anna of the North is an Oslo-based Norwegian singer-songwriter. If on first listen this song seems empowering to you, give it another spin. You should be overcome with a deep sense of abandonment the second time around. Driving through the streets with nowhere to go and no one to visit, only to realise that the only people we can truly count on are ourselves? Damn. ‘It’s fucking sad but also powerful. I’m very grateful for where I am today. In the end you only have yourself, you know, and I guess that’s OK,’ says Anna.

The Ocean Party – Nothing Grows

This one is truly heartbreaking for reasons well beyond the music. ‘Nothing Grows’ is the first single off of The Ocean Party’s final release after announcing they have split as a band. The split comes after the unexpected death of their 24-year-old drummer and songwriter, Zac Denton, in October last year. The Nothing Grows EP is a collection of songs written by Zac that he had planned to release this year, and now the band is honoring that wish. Rest in peace to a beautiful songwriter.

Many Rooms – 99 Proofs

In the opening verse of this song, Texas-based Brianna Hunt sings ‘I see you licking the blood from your lips / Cause you washed the lamb that you slain for your sins / You break my heart and I carry the chains / Like thousands of slaughtered sheep through the plain.’ Really not much more I can add here to darken the mood any further.

Jessica Pratt – ‘Here My Love’

Firstly, yes, that is Jessica Pratt’s real voice. Isn’t it otherworldly? If her vocals had GPS trackers attached to them, I’m almost certain the directions would lead to Middle-earth. Anyway, this song has a real sombre mood to it, and if you listen closely, the lyrics are pretty solemn too. ‘He’s sincerely worn this heart of mine / He’s not really gone, he’s in my mind,’ the LA-based singer-songwriter sings as the song closes out. Sorry, but it sounds like he’s really gone to me. Jessica Pratt’s new record, Quiet Signs, was released earlier this week.

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