Mary’s is Taking Over an Iconic Sydney Venue

Just when you thought Sydney nightlife was withering like a sad flower in the fiery glare of Star Casino, hope returns to our city once more.

Leading the charge in bringing fun back to our city is, once again, the good people of Mary’s. They’ve just announced they’re taking ownership of iconic Sydney venue The Basement, and we couldn’t be happier. There’ll be live music, puppets, a functioning gallows, throwing dwarves, a live tiger, and the one thing owners Kenny Graham and Jake Smythe hold nearest and dearest: the very best Australian produce and booze, and not a single pokie in sight.

There’ll be beers and burgers upstairs, a restaurant downstairs, and a facelift of the entire venue—except the original downstairs bar, where you can almost smell the history of bad decisions and shit-chat wafting from the woodwork. We’re very excited; not only because the MC staff now has a new place to drink, but because we’ve worn out our welcome at all the other Mary’s venues. Hooray to fresh starts and cold beers!

While you wait with bated breath for Mary’s Underground open in the coming months, familiarise yourself with their infamous Bloody Mary below.

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