New Music: February’s Finest

Almost everything about February frustrates me.

For starters, no matter how hard I try, I cannot learn how to spell it. My mind simply will not allow me to put the ‘ru’ in the correct order. Every time spellcheck corrects it, I say to myself ‘remember this for next time’, and yet when next time comes, I still screw it up. Apparently everyone has a ‘problem word’ or two. So there’s that. Then there’s also the bills. My car registration is due on the 8th. Comes to something like $850 with insurance. That’s about 1/4 of what my car is even worth. Really gets my goat. On top of all that, my milk goes out of date tomorrow. Feburary (leaving it exactly how I typed it to highlight my problem) really knows how to kick a woman when she’s down. Only thing it seems to have going for it is the new music coming out of it. Here’s some of the best.

Lemaitre – Fast Lovers

I’m not finished airing my Feb complaints. The last few days I have woke up with a really sore back. It’s no coincidence that this started happening once the calendar flipped forward a month. Anyway, this song seems to help relieve some muscle tension in my shoulder region. It is by Norwegian-born, Los Angeles-based electronic duo Lemaitre. It is the title track off their upcoming EP that drops March 1—which means they must hate February too.

White Denim – Shanalala

Austin psych-blues four-piece White Denim released their last album, Performance, less than a year ago, and they’re already dropping singles off their new one. ‘Shanalala’ is one of two new tracks they just debuted in the lead up to the release of their eighth album in 11 years, titled Side Effects. There are no words to express how lazy this paragraph makes me feel.

Wallows – Are You Bored Yet?

I feel it necessary to post a disclaimer here: I know nothing of this band’s prior discography. I am aware that the singer is a Hollywood heartthrob and that this video features a cameo by another young Hollywood heartthrob. While this may change other people’s view of this band, it does not change mine because this song is SICK. Don’t @ me.

Avey Tare – Saturdays

Animal Collective’s Dave Portner is back with another release under his Avey Tare moniker. ‘Saturdays (Again)’ is the first single off Cows On Hourglass Pond, due out on March 22nd. I should note that I have noticed a 25% decrease in upper back muscle tension since discovering this song, also. Mellow and serene, just as you’d expect from a chill layer-master like Avey.

Better Oblivion Community Center – Dylan Thomas

I haven’t seen Bird Box, but based on this video, something tells me Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst might’ve. You know who definitely hasn’t seen it? Dylan Thomas. Anyway, this is the first single from the duo’s new project, taken from their debut self-titled album that they dropped completely out of nowhere last week. I guess February ain’t all bad.

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