The Best New Music of 2019

Hello, and welcome to the first new music post of 2019.

I wish you all a healthy, prosperous, and successful year ahead. I have already been blessed financially this year, having won $5, $2, and then another $2 in a hot scratchie streak. After spending New Year’s Day on the couch with an icepack on my forehead, I never would have predicted the rest of the week would award me such riches. Yet here I am, with $9 in my pocket and another winning scratchie on the horizon. Life is beautiful. So are these new songs.

D’Angelo – Unshaken

Wait, did you know video games have soundtracks now, and legendary musicians like D’Angelo record songs for them? Consider me shaken. This is D’Angelo’s first new music since 2014’s Black Messiah, and it was written for the video game Red Dead Redemption 2. The soundtrack also boasts music from Nas, Willie Nelson, and Josh Homme. This world’s getting weirder by the minute, I swear.

Hand Habits – placeholder

As soon as I heard that LA-based artist Hand Habits (aka Meg Duffy) played as a session guitarist and touring member of Kevin Morby’s band, I knew the music was gonna be good. And I was correct. This cracker of a song is the title track to Duffy’s second album, placeholder, dropping March 1.

Angelo De Augustine – You Needed Love, I Needed You (feat. Sufjan Stevens)

I’m gonna put this out there: ever since I found out about Sufjan Stevens’ strong affiliation with church, I pretty much banned him from my earlobes. I know, that’s bad. And probably even a little bit illegal–it’s religious persecution. But can you really blame me? Evolution happened, and I can’t change the fact that I’m smart enough to understand it. Anyway, this one slipped through the cracks because Angelo De Augustine is singing it instead of that Jesus Fre…

Sea Cycles – Quota

How familiar does this song sound? Where have I heard it before? It’s seriously killing me. Someone please tell me where this song is from. It’s like Broken Bells meets OG Coldplay meets Snow Patrol covering Tame Impala. Whatever it is, I like it. It’s from Florida four-piece Sea Cycles, who’ll hopefully follow up this single release with a full-length album soon. Watch this space.

Gabriella Dunn – Welcome to the Dollhouse

16-year-old Gabriella Dunn has just released the second single from her upcoming debut EP, Lost In Translation, and it’s a doozie. In ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’, Gabriella explores her very personal mental health journey which ultimately culminated with a brief stay in a psychiatric ward. It’s a beautiful and honest song that’s bound to help a lot of young people going through issues similar to what she sings about here. Wishing everyone a mentally happy and healthy 2019. <3

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