David Bowie’s Cheekiest Interviews

Where were you when David Bowie died?

I was at Bronte beach in Sydney on the evening of January 10, 2016. My boyfriend and I were sitting on the grass separating the sand from the road. I’d just picked up our order of grilled Barramundi and chips from the local seafood shop when a friend called me to tell me the thin white duke was gone. In shock, I turned to my boyfriend and exclaimed, “David Bowie just died!” Before he had the chance to respond, a woman a few metres to our left let out a rumbustious fart.

I feel like David Bowie would get a kick out of that story. He had such a wicked sense of humour that he always delivered with such a deadpan tone. So, what better way to celebrate him today than to rifle through the video archives and unearth two of his cheekiest interviews with British TV presenter and total right twat, Russell Harty?

Bowie’s appearance on The Russell Harty Show in 1973 as Ziggy Stardust marked his first ever talk show appearance. First things first—look at the fucking outfit. The earring! The suit! The shoes! Très untouchable. Anyway, this video is one of my all-time favourites because even though you can tell how nervous he is, Bowie refuses to let Harty’s shitty, patronising questions get to him. Cue giggles.

For some reason,  Bowie agreed to appear on Harty’s talk show again in 1975. Ziggy Stardust was long gone, replaced by an artist who’d racked up a tonne of press experience over the last two years. Bowie’s first response pretty much sums up not only the rest of the interview, but the rest of his career. Happy to play along, but done suffering fools. Enjoy ten minutes of David Bowie as the original troll. Cue lols.

Rest in peace to a real one.

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