The Faces of Warsaw’s Skate Scene

Photos by ©Maksym Rudnik

What does Go Skate Day look like in Poland? It looks pretty good, actually.

Our new friend, Maksym Rudnik, is a Pole, a skater, and a photographer, and he sent through these snaps from Polish Go Skate Day 2018, plus a cool little Super 8 movie and this description of the day’s events:

‘The 21st of June was a while ago, but I remember the day clearly. The sun was blazing and most of us weren’t thinking about anything but cold beer and chilling in the shade, and yet we met at 2 pm by the Wincenty Witos Monument to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day. Cruising from my flat to the spot, I could see from the distance the crowd of skaters already occupying the monument. Beers, screams, the smell of weed… There is nothing more I can add. The 21st of June 2018 was a damn good day. Enjoy this little report from that day in Warsaw, the capital of Polandlocated in Eastern Europe.’


See more from Maksym on his website or Instagram @maksymrudnik

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