Framing 101, With Aussie Skater Josh Pall

Photos by Andrew Peters

Josh Pall. Aussie, professional skater, recent LA transplant and, believe it or not, expert framer.

Wait. Framer? Does that mean he’s an expert at having people falsely incriminated? Like, could you stab someone and then employ Josh to make it look like your cousin, Luther, did it? No. Don’t be stupid. Josh’s framing is the framing that goes around photos and stuff.

He’s very good at framing, is Josh. Surprisingly good at it, actually. We had a quick chat with him about the framing racket, and also our mutual friend, The Lord Jesus Christ.


What’s up.

How you doin’? How’s LA?

It’s cool, really loving it so far.

Excellent. Let’s talk about your framing biz.


What’s it called?

I don’t know yet, it’s all pretty new.

J.P. Framing?

La Josh Framing?

That has nice ring to it. So, you’re committing crimes and then making it look like someone else did it. Who have you framed so far–anyone famous?

You mean customer or subject?

Like, I stab a guy and then you tamper with the evidence so my cousin, Luther, goes to jail.


How long you been framing, dude?

It’s been about one year now.

It’s pretty amazing work you’re doing. You’re not just knocking up anything.

Thank you.

Do you have a background in carpentry?

Well, my dad was a carpenter, so there were always tools under the house. When I was younger, I’d make my own skate ramps, then got a little older and made bits ‘n pieces, furniture and what not. Then I got into framing.

Why framing?

I guess because there was limited space in Sydney to do that sort of work, with the tools and everything…

You mean building furniture?

Yeah. Also, I had a bunch of prints I wanted framed, so I just thought I’d do it myself. And with the circle of friends I have in skateboarding and photography, art, everyone has stuff lying around the house that they’ve been procrastinating on for ages. So, picking up jobs was easy.

So, you’ve had no training?

Nope, no official training.

No shit?

Self-taught, cowboy style.

You know who else was a carpenter?

I do.

Is he a friend of yours? He’s a friend of mine.

We’re buds.

Amen, brother. So how do I get Le Josh Frames made if I want some?

You might have to hit that Instagram DM for now.

Cool. Last question: how come you didn’t really go with the framing/framing joke at the start? I thought that had some legs.

To be honest, I didn’t know what the fuck you were talking about. My brain is kinda in couch mode at the moment. But I get it now. You’re a funny guy!

You are! Thanks, Josh.

No worries.

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