Studio Visit: Hayden Cox

Anyone with even the slightest ties to the surfing world will have heard of Sydney shaper and industrial designer, Hayden Cox.

As well as inventing the world’s first surfboard with a revolutionary carbon fibre frame (to replace the traditional wooden stringer that had been the industry standard for decades), he’s collaborated with fashion heavyweight Alexander Wang on projects in both New York and Tokyo, teamed up with corporate big wigs Google, Samsung and Audi, and written a book—the list goes on.

One look at Hayden’s website, or a visit to one of his Haydenshapes showrooms, reveals a designer that not only pays attention to detail, but who’s all about them. Want to have a hand in customising your board? His website’s got 2 million possible surfboard combinations for you to choose from. Want to get transported to another realm in one of his showrooms? He’s got VR headsets for you to strap on and get the full experience.

With the success he’s found through shaping world-renowned boards, Hayden could’ve easily hung up his tools and kicked back for good. But Hayden’s hands-on approach and desire to keep expanding his skills into other areas of the craft means he’s never far from the studio, or the next great idea. “Functional design is something that’s always both interested me and driven me creatively– particularly different technologies, working with unique materials and creating products that improve an experience,” he said. “This carries through all of my design projects whether it be a surfboard, a unique retail concept, a fin, an installation or an accessory.”

It’s with this mentality that Hayden was recently sought out by Aussie bank Westpac to design a range of paywear devices dubbed, ‘Centsitive Objects’ and help introduce this new category to the Australian consumer. Think devices that’ll let you wear your money: patches you can sew onto the inner surface of jackets so you never have to carry a wallet again, safety pins you can tap-and-go bacon and egg rolls with, and environmentally conscious waterproof bands that’ll save you from having your belongings knicked from the secure wallet-inside-beach-towel technique. 

Hayden created the entire prototype range by hand in his studio in Mona Vale, Sydney, experimenting with countless fabrics and designs to end up with a collection of minimalist products that managed to hit the trifecta of being functional, damn good looking, and certain products are made from environmentally friendly materials such as recycled fishing nets. All of the products are hands-free, battery-free, and water resistant, making them the most seamless addition to anyone’s lifestyle and wardrobe.

While Hayden spends most of his days tinkering away in his studio working on projects that range from wave installations to interior design, we managed to steal some of his time lately to peek around his workplace and head to one of his local breaks to see his Centsitive Objects collection in action. Hit play on our studio visit with Hayden, above.

Shop Censitive Objects by Hayden Cox right here, all priced under $30.

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