Jason Dill and William Strobeck

Benjamin Deberdt Documents Skateboarding’s Finest

Photos by Benjamin Deberdt

Skate photography doesn’t get a lot of credit outside the skate world, however, it’s easily one of the more testing and arduous branches of the form.

National Geographic photographers might sit in a hole for a week to get a photo of a tiger taking a shit, but could they crouch at the bottom of a set of stairs for five hours on a hot day waiting for a sweaty, aggravated psychopath to make a trick? Probably not. And what about war photographers? We all know they’ve got balls big enough to see them stalk head-first into an armed conflict, but could they stay up all night drinking piss and then have their shit together enough the next day to drive to Johnny Skateboard’s house, kick him out of bed, and get him to the spot? Again–probably not.

Skateboard photography is tough. It’s a real job, and it’s a major hustle. You need to possess twice the stamina and pluck of photographers in other industries, and you’ve also gotta take a good picture.

For almost years, Monster Children has been blessed with photographic contributions by the best skate snappers in the world, and French photographer Benjamin Deberdt is very much in that number. Deberdt began skating in the 80s and taking pictures not long after. He’s a legend in the biz, and we couldn’t be more stoked to share some of his work with you here.

Aaron Rose, Alleged Gallery, 1996.

Barry McGee, Street Installation NYC, 2000


Thomas Campbell studio, NYC, 1996
Ed Templeton, Lausanne, 2000
Jason Dill unmasked, 2016.
Tyshawn Jones, Paris, 2015.
Mark Gonzales Circle Board sunrise, 2010.
Mark Gonzales, Paris dreaming, 2011.
Bobby Puleo, Brooklyn, 2008.
Ave portrait, Paris.
Sage Elsesser, Republique, 2015.
Berlin, 2010.
Ray Barbee, 2009.
Quim Cardona, NYC, 1996.
John Wilson and Sean Pablo footie check Paris, 2015.

See more from Benjamin on his Instagram @benjamin_deberdt_photography or get your hands on a copy of Monster Children #61 – The Annual right here.

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