‘Paris Vibes’ is Your New Favourite Playlist

We just received a playlist and some cryptic text from Ian C Rogers.

We were pretty damn happy about it, because Ian knows his stuff—he should, given he was the head honcho of Beats Music, and lead the charge for the creation of Beats 1 radio and Apple’s move into the music streaming arena. So yeah, he knows good music when he hears it.

Ian’s moved on from Apple to head up schmick French multinational luxury goods co. LVMH, but luckily for us, he’s not only made the time to send over the dos and don’ts of life in his new hometown, he’s created a playlist of 18 tracks that are sure to be on repeat for the foreseeable future. Take it away, Ian:

Bonjour from Paris 75018.

DO: Read, run w Brice or Alexandre, listen to records, eat in the bar at Balagan or Miznon, skate the full pipe after hours at Le Bon Marché w Oster and Olson.

DON’T: Netflix, Instagram, movies, Facebook, TV, Snapchat, spectate, diss, sweat the technique.

We’re not really sure who Brice, Alexandre, Oster or Olson are, but we do know that Ian’s is the kind of advice you should take, so hit play on ‘Paris Vibes,’ go skate that full pipe after hours and never, ever sweat the technique.

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