Julian Martin and the rise of the cyber-zine

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Julian Martin is a young up-and-coming, San Diego-based photographer/videographer with unique ability to capture action and lifestyle imagery in both the moving and the still mediums covered.

For Julian, 2013 was a year of exploration and many introductions to new people and places. Proving that sometimes an unplanned existence can result in extraordinary work, Martin took advantage of every opportunity thrown his way and ended up having the a hell of a year. As an avid cyber-zine-maker, Julian collected his favorite images and video from 2013 and created an online zine called Assisted Living, basically a zine and video summary of the year featuring Chippa Wilson, Dylan Graves, John Florence, Brianna Holly, Josh Kerr, Christian Hosoi, Balaram Stack & a few others. The title, “Assisted Living” was more of a random idea that Julian came up with off the top of his head, but the photos themselves were meticulously curated by way of Julian’s personal connection to the images, “If there was any message in my images, I would hope that it would be that life is short and you only have one go around so take advantage of it,” says Martin.

In short, cyber-zines are the shit, and with more talented young photographers and videographers taking advantage of their respective opportunities and going the digital-DIY route, 2014 could be the year of the cyber-zines, and hopefully we’ll be seeing more from Martin in the near future. Save a tree, make a cyber-zine.


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