JJ’s Place Sydney Was a Ragefest

Photos by Jam Hassan, James Adams and James Mott

Jameson’s JJ’s Place in Sydney was siiiiiiiiick, and if you didn’t make it you missed oooooooout, and this is how we’re doing all sentences noooooooooow, coz JJ’s Sydney was nuuuuuts.

The event reached–but did not breach–capacity. Safety first. That said, the place was packed to the rafters with keen punters, all there to find out what this whole ‘whiskey’ thing is all about, and to catch some live music. The whiskey tasting with Master Distiller Brian Nation was a huge draw, and every session was completely booked out. Frankie’s Pizza’s first ever pop-up pizzeria was swamped with eager-beavers all looking to get a slice and a gulp of their signature beverage, the Fresh Apple and Jameson. Man, were those suckers tasty. Did you get one? My God. How good were they?

And how good were the bands! The Gooch Palms were amazing, ending their set with a mind-blowing cover of Talking Head’s ‘Psycho Killer’; Dead City Ruins reminded us that, like Dracula, hard rock will never die; and headlining rock beasts The Delta Riggs brought the house down. Not literally. They just played a really good show.

JJ’s Place Sydney was mental. Just look at the pics.

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