Photo Annual 2018 - Sage Elsesser Smith Grind by Ben Colen

We’re Turning 15 and We Want You to Come Party With Us!

Don’t stay home crying into a plate of mozzarella sticks this Thursday…

Come to the Monster Children Annual launch party–slash–Photo Competition–slash–FIFTEEN YEAR BIRTHDAY in Sydney! And LA the week after! That’s right, we’ve been making this thing for fifteen years and we want to celebrate that mind-boggling milestone with you! Yes, YOU!

We’ll announce the winners of the 2018 Photo Competition, and then we’ll dance our legs down to the knees. For our Sydney friends, Jimmy2sox (of Fight Facilities fame) will provide the tunes, while Corona, Jameson, and Beach Burrito will provide things for us to put in our mouths. Porteno will provide walls, a roof, lights and somewhere to relieve yourself, and there’ll be giveaways and jokes and a petting zoo and an S&M dungeon, and a statue of Prince made out of chocolate and robots and ghosts and a dude with a wooden leg… It’s gonna be fuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

And for our LA counterparts, you’ll be hosted at our very own gallery, 1700 Naud, provided with a water cooler and some cups, plus light freshments consisting of cabanossi and french onion dip – the next door neighbour’s cat will make up the bulk of your petting zoo. See you there!

RSVP essential for both events. Drop us a note at for the Sydney event, and for LA you can RSVP online here.

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