Photo by Anna Kucera

Young Henrys Infiltrate the Art World with a Live Music Series

There’s nothing we appreciate more than seeing  Sydney institutions join forces.

So when we heard that beer maestros Young Henrys had teamed up with the MCA, our interest was, how you say, piqued. But then we heard that it was for a new summer live music series, Sounds on the Terrace, AND that they would be serving up a new tequila, Cointreau, lime juice and Young Henrys Natural Lager concoction called a Lagerita, we knew we’d give a vital organ to get access to such an event.

Turns out we can all keep our kidneys for the time being, though, because it’s a free event going doing on Wednesday, 5th of December on the Sculpture Terrace at the MCA (the part of the museum that’s got the million dollar views over the harbour) with performances from Sydney artists Not a Boys Name and Fiction Writer, with free access to the museum’s exhibitions until 9pm. Sounds like a deal that’s too good to refuse.

Now that we’ve sold you on Young Henrys Sounds on the Terrace at the MCA, cast your eyes and expectations downwards as we take a tour around the YH Newtown brewery with co-founder Oscar McMahon, and drink more beer than is probably responsible around open beer vats with valuables sticky-taped to sticks.

Get to Sounds on the Terrace this Wednesday 5th December, from 6.30pm – 8.30pm at MCA Cafe.

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