Nanny State Alert! New Goons of Doom Single is a Friday Arvo Banger

The Goons of Doom are old faves of Monster Children, not by choice, but because guitarist and MC writer Vaughan Dead punishes us with their new music every time they come out of the studio.

Today he sent us ’24 Bottles of Beer,’ the anthemic first single from the Goons upcoming seventh studio album, Black Skull Bong. In a text message, Deadly said, “Put this up for us would ya? And also, can you guys transfer some money into my account? I’m stuck at a petrol station and I can’t afford fuel.” The Goons have long been the degenerate pop-punk poet fuckwits of the Australian rock and roll landscape and are in the midst of a full-blown renaissance.

As well as the new album and an upcoming Australian tour (soon to be announced), the boys are also playing Grow Your Own Fezzy at Forster on January 12, in a line-up that includes DMA’s, Hockey Dad and Miniskirt. Get ya tickets and get in that mosh. If your tee shirt ain’t saturated by the end of their set you’ve had a dead set shocker.

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