2018 MC Photo Comp Shortlist – Action

The final shortlist of our 2018 MC Photo Comp is in.

If there’s one takeaway from the Action category ever year, it’s that you’re all lunatics. Whether it’s screaming through the middle of Brooklyn on dirt bikes or using the steep face of an empty water dam as a playground, our favourite 10 photos are not for the faint-hearted. Check out the best of the best in our Action shortlist presented by New Era below, followed by our Lifestyle, MusicTravelStudent and Portrait shortlists. Stay tuned for the details of our Photo Annual parties going down next Thursday, 6th of December in Sydney and LA, where we’ll be announcing the six winners of the comp and showering them in $30K in cash and prizes, and maybe even a little bit of warm beer.

‘Entranced’ by Shane Grace @shanegracey
‘In the Clouds’ by Tom Pearsall
‘Jason Rainbird Wallriding a Tram in the Melbourne CBD’ by Isaac Matz @isaacmatz
‘Daewon Song ollie to fakie in Long Beach, CA’ by Anthony Acosta @aacostaa
‘Craig’ by John Respondek @johnrespondek
‘Trashin’ Timmey – Fs Flip’ by Filip Zuan @filipzuan
‘Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn’ by Rene van Wonderen @renewillem
‘Screaming Along’ by John Respondek @johnrespondek
‘Nisse Ingemarsson Fs Boardslide Transfer’ by Jake Darwen @jakedarwen
‘George Silver viewed from beneath. Portland, Oregon’ by Tal Roberts @talroberts

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