The 10 Best Songs You’ll Hear This Week

Some weeks my search for good new music is so desperate that I consider recording myself hitting tupperware containers with a rogue Adidas slide I’ve found in my house and dubbing it the next best thing out of Sydney’s secretive underground percussion scene.

Other weeks, I have a hard time choosing which new tracks to feature because there are so many. This is one of those weeks.

Cherry Glazerr – Daddi

To be honest, I’d never really had that ‘Aha!’ moment when it came to LA-based trio Cherry Glazerr until I heard this song. Now I feel like I get what all the fuss is about. Led by 21-year-old frontwoman Clementine Creevy, the band have just announced their fourth album, Stuffed & Ready, out February 1st. Iggy Pop has been a fan of these guys for ages, so they’re definitely doing something right. Aha!

Methyl Ethel – Real Tight

The most impressive thing about Jake Webb’s musical project, Methyl Ethel, is how consistent the quality of music is. Have you ever listened to a Methyl Ethel song you didn’t like? Think about it. Also, while you’re thinking, how ’bout the fact that no one’s ever seen Nicholas Cage and Marilyn Manson in the same room at the same time? Exactly. ‘Real Tight’ is the second single off Methyl Ethel’s upcoming record, Triage, out Friday 15th February, 2019.

J Mascis – Elastic Days

Sure, Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis isn’t reinventing the wheel with this latest release, but that’s because he invented the wheel. Where was your outrage when Thomas Edison refused to redesign the light bulb? Exactly. This here is the title track off his latest solo record of the same name, released just last week.

Genesis Owusu – Wit’ Da Team

I can say with the utmost confidence that Genesis Owusu is the coolest thing to ever come out of Canberra. The 20-year-old hip-hop artist’s family moved from Ghana to the Australian capital when he was just two, resulting in what I can only imagine was the greatest case of culture shock ever recorded. Anyway, this new track is the first sampling of material produced by Callum Connor, who operates as a key member of Anderson .Paak’s band, the Free Nationals. Insert fire emoji.

CupcakKe – Cereal and Water

It’s such a shame that so few female rappers are given any air time. And even when they are, it’s artists like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B who hog all the limelight, rapping about cars, fame, and Louboutins. Do yourself a favour and divert your attention to Chicago artist CupcaKKe. She’s racked up quite a following on social media for her outspoken personality, but it’s her rhymes about social issues and the state of politics that you should be paying attention to. Does Chicago need a new mayor? ‘Cause I think we have a strong contender here.

Julia Jacklin – Head Alone

What, did you think Julia Jacklin was going to release a new track and I wasn’t going to post it? Please. The woman can’t even scratch her nose without me reviewing her technique. ‘Head Alone’ is the second single off of Jacklin’s highly anticipated second album, Crushing, out Feb 22 next year. Featuring lyric of the year, “I don’t wanna be touched all time, I raised my body up to be mine,” it’s another flawless number from one of Australia’s best songwriters.

Gabriella Rose – Lost In Translation

Guess how old Gabriella Rose was when Sofia Coppola’s cult classic film of the same name came out? She was one! The Idaho-based 16-year-old singer-songwriter drops her debut EP Feburary 1st, but good luck getting this song out of your head before then.

Deer Tick – Strange, Awful Feeling

Rhode Island’s Deer Tick have held the ‘most distinctive vocalist’ title for years thanks to their singer John J. McCauley’s raw and unruly voicebox. But now the band’s guitarist and drummer, Ian O’Neil and Dennis Ryan, are giving him a run for his money on this newly released track. Find it on Deer Tick’s upcoming compilation album, Mayonnaise, out Feb 1st via Partisan Records.

Zimmer – Wildflowers ft. Panama

Gonna be real honest with you here and say I have very little info to go off regarding both Zimmer and this new track. All I do know of this completely unexpected and wonderful discovery that I made this morning is that it features Panama’s singer Jarrah McCleary on vocals, and that Zimmer is an electronic musician from Paris whose debut album is scheduled for March 2019.

Stars – Are You With Me?

I will always associate the Canadian band Stars with a guy I met from San Francisco named Ryan who first told me about them. I met him in Sydney in 2005 when he was on assignment for Vice, which was just a small, relatively unheard of street mag at the time, and thought he was the coolest. A few years later, when I found myself in San Francisco, he invited me to an afterparty and then refused to let me in to said afterparty. Ryan, if you’re reading this, you’re a total dick. But thanks for introducing me to Stars.

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