We Got MC Employees to Hand Over Their Favourite Photos

I sent an email out to my co-workers at Monster Children asking them to send me one of their favourite photos, and tell me what camera they took it with.

As always, it was a gamble. Sometimes they take me seriously, and sometimes they reply with links to purchase gimp masks. But with only one Facebook photo pulled from my tagged photos circa 2010 sitting in my inbox this time, I realised I’d got lucky. I’d dangled the carrot of getting onto mc.com, and they were chomping at the bit to be involved. So, after a mere four weeks of gentle reminders and threats, here are some of MC’s finest at their photographic best.

Taken on a Nikon EM with probably CH 135-36 Fujicolor Press/Superia 400 Color Print Film. Each year my hometown has a festival celebrating food made from the bush: Trundle Bush Tucker Day. I guess the organisers ask a few sideshow alley types to come along and fill out the entertainment on the day. I plucked up the courage to ask for a photo of these two, who I think are siblings. My dad told me that word had it the lady king hit someone one year who complained about the prize their kid won. Australian Bush rules. – Sally Quade

Shot on a Fuji X100F. I was recently in Cape Town, South Africa, walking around the boardwalk when I ran into these kids. The one in the shirt chased after these white tourists on pushbikes, pretending to hold them up for their money using his hand in the shape of a gun. It was cute, funny and downright terrifying all at the same time. – Sam Brumby

Shot on a Canon 5D MKII. This photo was taken about five years ago. I was living in Narrabeen and The Sugarmill, a surf shop which was across the road from my apartment, was having a closing down party. The Goons of Doom were playing a surprise show and every grommet in a 20-kilometre radius rolled through, loaded up on UDL’s and red Mitsubishis. The party spilt out onto the streets and things started to get out of hand real quick. As the Goons started to play, a fire extinguisher was let off inside, someone swinging from the ceiling rafters defecated onto the crowd beneath, and a drumkit was thrown through a window. The savagery continued with the immolation of a small goat and the lighting of a fire, which subsequently left the place in smouldering ruins. The young louts continued to defecate all the way along Pittwater Road. – Lincoln Jubb

This is a photo of our own Matt Pike raking sandbar in Tahiti. As you can see here, Pikey’s skill set extends beyond the arts and crafts table at MC, to strong manual labour. I shot this on a Pentax K1000, handed down from mum as my first camera, and gifted to her by her dad. I’ve had this camera refurbished and it shoots like a dream. – Jam Hassan

Taken on a Nikon 28ti Kodak Tri X 400. Coda, Seven Mile Beach. – Campbell Milligan

This photo was taken on my Fujifilm XT1 on a recent trip to Sri Lanka. This waterfall is located just outside of Ella, an extremely beautiful and mountainous part of the country. I was playing around with exposures on the day and I liked how the contrast captures a mood. The whole time I was in Sri Lanka I felt as though I was experiencing real life Jungle Book, and I think this photo captures that. – Georgia Creer

Shot on a Canon EOS 5d MkIII. My favourite photo, but I actually didn’t really take it. I was down the beach teaching my son how to light and hold his first fireworks (something every six-year-old boy should know). I’d asked my wife to shoot the photo instead, and let’s face it, 99 times out of 100 she’s a fucking really bad photographer. So, I set the camera settings, told her to imagine herself as a human tripod, ran down and lit the roman candle and kaboom!! Not only did a life lesson get taught that night, the Mrs nailed one of my all-time favourite family photos. Chris Searl/Hollywood

Shot on a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 in a Los Angeles gun club. The scene was organised chaos, more like a busy lunchtime at McDonald’s than a firing range with the variety of guns being handed out. Big Macs, Junior Burgers, and this Dirty Harry’esq french fry that had a barrel long enough not to make it in the frame. In the end, I opted for the Happy Meal option, which still scared the shit out of me when I fired off a few rounds. – Matt Pike

Pro skateboarder Tyson Peterson and John Jones after a hill bomb in Long Beach on Tyson’s birthday. Shot with a Nikon zoom AF 35mm, found at a Goodwill in Las Vegas. On Portra 400 I believe. Greg Diaz

Portra 400 Film. I shot this at Sydney Mardi Gras, 2016. The most willing crowd ever to have their photo taken. It makes walking around drinking beers and shooting photos a lot of fun. – Dale Robinson

Shot on Canon 1D Mark IV. Anyone who grew up on the Gold Coast knows that bridge jumping the Tallebudgera Bridge is one of Gold Coast’s many long-standing traditions. Driving over the bridge on any given weekend through summer, you’ll see a group of people lined up along the footpath waiting their turn to jump. I’m usually never without my camera and on this particular day, these three groms called me over as I was walking across the bridge and confidently asked if I could take a photo of them all jumping simultaneously. Now it’s a nostalgic reminder of life growing up on the Gold Coast. – Cory Roberts

My old office at 299 Broadway, back in 2011 when I was a freelance writer and publisher of my own little magazine, Wooooo. I was writing for MC a bit but hadn’t been offered the editor role yet. This tiny room was connected to a much larger office I shared with an American named Brian ‘Babyleg’ DeRan, a Canadian guy named Patrick, and an Aussie named Shelley Wright. Everyone was in the music biz: Brian ran Leg Up! Management, Patrick helped with that but also had his own music label, and Shelley was working for Modular. I think she’s at Domino Records now. Shelley was great. Everyone in that space was great. I miss ’em.

Brian lives in Joshua Tree these days, making amazing ceramics. Patrick went on to get rich with Bitcoin; I think he’s back in Vancouver. Shelley is still in New York. I took this photo with a little Lomo that was sent to me when I had a product review thing on Vice.com. I recently found it at the bottom of a box and gave it to a friend’s kid. – Jason Crombie

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