The Top Picks from the Final Week of the MC Photo Comp

We’d like to tell you a little story.

In the 2002 Winter Olympics, short track speed skater Steven Bradbury was coming a solid last in the finals of the 1000 metre race. The pack was well ahead, skating their way to eternal glory in the worldwide skating community comprised of literally tens of people. Anyway, Steven was set for last place, but he held on.

Then, the entire pack went down. In one fell swoop, Bradbury steamed ahead through the human debris, claiming a come-from-behind victory that would’ve, should’ve, seen him turned into a viral meme, had it not been that it was the 2002 and the internet did not yet exist.

What are we saying? What does this mean? It means that you, person who hasn’t even entered into the 2018 MC Photo Comp yet, can submit your best shots with mere days until entries close and claim your rightful place as winner of the Travel, Portrait, Lifestyle, Action, Music or Student category. A last-minute victory tastes pretty damn sweet.

Enjoy some of our favourite shots from the final week of the comp below, and then DO A BRADBURY AND ENTER THE PHOTO COMP BEFORE IT CLOSES RIGHT HERE.

Ice ollie by Filip Zuan. // @filipzuan – ACTION presented by New Era
Brooklyn’s finest by Rene Van Wonderen // @renewillem – ACTION presented by New Era
Black and bright by John Respondek // @johnrespondek – ACTION presented by New Era
Between the elements by Alejo Achaval // @alejoachaval – LIFESTYLE present by Danner
Carpark cricket by Jacob Steenson // @jaconsteenson – LIFESTYLE present by Danner
Inside by Lee Jake Mariano // @llcoolljm – LIFESTYLE present by Danner
Father & Son by Matthew Leonard // @matthewleonard29 – PORTRAIT present by Huffer
Pull up and wreck by Sami Ezzaher // @samidenimjr – PORTRAIT present by Huffer
Verena by Erik Gross // @erikgrossphoto – PORTRAIT present by Huffer
Wig merchant by Paul Castle // @pee_cee – TRAVEL present by Canon Australia
The perfect storm by Andrew Kaineder // @kaineder- TRAVEL present by Canon Australia
Reflector by Sam Venn // @samvennphotography – TRAVEL present by Canon Australia
Isabella by Charlie Hardy // @charliehardy – MUSIC presented by Hurley
Rolling through Rollinsville by Benjamin Littler // @thereluctantastronaut – MUSIC presented by Hurley
Florence by Markus Ravik // @markusravik – MUSIC presented by Hurley
Down by Logan Kruse // @logankruse – STUDENT presented by Wanaka
Afternoon delight by Beau Hardy // @beauhardyphoto – STUDENT presented by Wanaka

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