Used skateboards, made into new ones, hand shaped, hand painted; Logsaw Meat is a starting company of one very intriguing dude.

Nejc Vašl is the main force behind this concept of a recycling boards, which started as a joke, and now became much more than that. Boards are produced – recycled in Slovenia, the country with nonexistent skateboard market, so move to start something like Logsaw is http://www.noprescriptionusa.com/ super bald. Nejc is an architect, someone who is also really into teleportation (not some bullshit, real researches and all that) he likes doing stuff with his hands, but most of all, he loves skateboarding. He is not one of those kids who got their first board at young age, he started skateboarding at the age of 15, what made him do it, he doesn’t even know himself. For Logsaw Meat he goes with saying, that boards are meant for violence or getting around, either way, it’s good fun. Here is another rad dude, who loves burgers, enjoys watching Up Aurora’s ass, thinks The Jesus and Mary Chain are the coolest thing ever, hates longboards and could easily be the 4th member of Team Handsome. But he said he wants his own team, so I just hope that day comes early.

Words: Katja Horvat / Photos: Nejc Vašl

Yo, Nejc, what’s up?

You, that’s what’s up ☺.

So Logsaw Meat, how did it all even start?

I guess I always felt bad, whenever I bought a new board and discarded the old one, that I didn’t even break. Probably cause I suck at skateboarding and felt I didn’t deserve it … So I guess Logsaw is a way for me not to feel as bad as I would, if I just threw the board in the trash. And I like doing stuff with my hands too.


What kind of shapes does Logsaw produce?

Aerodynamic downhill slalom vintage shapes, haha. No, really, there are 5 basic shapes, but each cruiser is a bit unique, since I have to adjust the shape depending to the state the board is in. But having just five shapes is so boring, so I’ll try to come up with new ones.

What can people buy at your online shop?

Mini cruiser completes, just the shaped wood, trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, grip, in the upcoming spring there are also going to be some skateboards available. Ow yeah, and cats. Mustn’t forget the cats.

Do you already accept used and fucked boards and then re-do them, or is that only available for boards bought at your shop, who are then turned back with a wish to recycle them?

First twenty or so boards were all mine, and some were from a friend, and they all came from all over the place. So yes, what I wanted to say is, I also accept used, and will continue to do so, to basically use whichever board I get.


So the boards are hand painted…

Yeah, well, hm, hand painted. Actually just the edges are painted. I thought that looked really cool, so I didn’t and don’t paint the rest of the board. I love how a completely jacked board can be worked to the extent, of looking like a completely new one. Probably that’s why I put clear griptape on as many as I can to not hide the beauty and lasting capabilities of the material, from which is made. Then there’s screen printed graphic at the bottom, that a friend of mine helps me with. And then there is also a unique number on each board, which is painted on each separately.

When did you decide that now is the right time to put something like Logsaw Meat out?

I didn’t. I mean, if it was up to me launching would happen a lot later than it actually did – maybe in a year or so. But I got an opportunity to exhibit some of the cruisers at a pop-up gallery, so basically I got pushed to fuckin finish this thing already.

Where you ever insecure about this project or it’s just a general good fell about this?

Fuck it, all the time. I am always deliberating is it good, is it not… It’s hard, I mean, for the last three years I’ve been working on some ideas that had led me to this, now we will see what happens.


What’s your idea of the future with Logsaw?

I was thinking of placing a box in the main skate cities around the world, a sort of welding machine with skateboards and wheels and bearings and other skate stuff inside. You’d put your old board in and get the new one cheaper. But yeah, I don’t know how to pull that one off, or if it would look just plain stupid. So for a start, I will try to place a small wooden box in our local skateshop, that will have the same purpose – a discount coupon for an old board.

Let say Logsaw Meat could have its own team of skateboarders, who would your dream team be?

Huh, I’m not that sure about having my own team. But ok, let’s say if I would have it, there would for sure be some restrictions, haha. First, all the dudes in my team would have to pull a flip trick over twelve stairs. Then they had to be slick with girls. I would give them a task like, “Don’t come home without a girl,” (after going out) or something like that, haha. Basically I would have my own ‘Team Handsome.’ Yes. That’s it. Hot dudes, for hot girls, haha.

What’s the thing you love the most about skateboarding?

Discovering new spots just by walking past them, mastering and over-thinking the trick that you want to do there. The uncommon places that give you some sort of joy but also shivers down through your spine, not knowing if you’re gonna land the trick you want to, or just break every bone of your body there is to break.


What are you more into: street skating, tricks, bowls … ?

I love the whole idea of skating streets and not stopping at one spot. I also love watching videos of people destroying bowls, but fuck it, I always end up learning new tricks on flatground. Oh, and I love jumping down from really high shit.

Usually kids when they start to skateboard have some sort of idols who they tend to look up to. Who was yours?

As a kid, I didn’t really know that people even made skate videos. At the beginning, a couple of months into skating, a friend showed me Tony Hawk and all the videos that came with it. But I recall, that when the Black Out video came out, and I saw Ragdoll and Jason Adams, those were the dudes that really had something and they still do. If I wanted to skate like somebody, it would be like those two guys combined.

I saw a quote, which is totally hilarious; “Girls think they have it bad. Us skateboarders, we bleed every day, 100%!” So that said, what was your worst injury you got while skateboarding?

Yeah, nice quote. I got my head open once, riding to a spot and a car gate fell on me. And I also can’t feel a part of my right leg, because I got some nerves cut on a ledge.


Ok, so give us some sort of story or something.

Phuu … I must say it was kind of funny how I got robbed once. We were in Barcelona, skating Forum and I had to take a shit. So the toilet is in that big hole/door where some crazy Catalonian did a wallride over. It’s this really big toilet, like a cave compared to other public ones, and if you climb on the top of a toilet stall, you can run all over the others. Crazy. So as I am sitting there, taking a shit, and all of a sudden this dude jumps right into my stall and grabs my throat, and with the other hand he suggested he is going to punch me right into the face. I didn’t even comprehend the situation and had no fucking idea what the fuck was going on, as he started to look through my pockets, I tried to communicate with him, but I saw it was just better to shut the fuck up. So I was just there waiting for the next thing to happen. Luckily I only had my phone with me, the crazy thing is when he got what he wanted, he just looked at me and said thank you, and went off. I got myself together, ran out shouting I got robbed, but the dude was all gone. Later on, me and my friends spent quite a few hours searching for him, since I really wanted to get my revenge for being violated like that, haha.. Hah at the end I am just thankful I shitted first.

You are very visual type of a guy (duh you are an architect) and you have a strong aesthetic and vision, so basically what I wanna know is, what are the things that you find most appealing, and are most intriguing to you, to your taste …

Visually, traditional cultures and premodern architecture. And I also like a good movie, and the early works of Gareth Pugh.

Tell us something that people may not know about you.

I climb with my dad whenever I can.


Any careers you wish were your own?

Patrick Bateman’s.

Really, American Psycho?

Yeah, he seemed like he was having a good time☺.

Can you give me some words of wisdom…

Best motor is in BMW 750iL .

Which song could be the soundtrack of your life?

Unfinished Sympathy – Massive Attack.

Logsaw Meat ships worldwide



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