The Dane Reynolds Guest Editor Issue is on Sale Now!

We did another–ANOTHER–guest editor issue, this time with surf legend and all-round nice guy Dane Reynolds.

We worked closely with Dane to create his vision for the perfect issue of Monster Children, and the results were better than what he had mind. “These results are actually better than what I had in mind,” said Dane between sips from his enormous jug of ice water. The issue features interviews, photos, recipes, sudokus, and other bits with Tosh Berman, Parquet Courts, Thomas Campbell, Craig Anderson, William Sharp, Courtney Reynolds, Warren Smith, and the man himself, Big Dazza Reynolds, among others! (Don’t snooze on this one. We only printed eight.)

But we’re not finished with you yet. If you’ve already got the exclusive, amazing, super-rad-to-the-max Monster Children x Dane Reynolds limited edition box set–complete with an MC x Dane Reynolds Beanie, MC x Dane Reynolds socks, PC Worship cassette, an MC x Dane Reynolds sticker pack, and, of course, a copy of the magazine… If you’ve already got that, stop reading. You already know what you got–screwed. Just kidding. It’s good value.

 Get the Dane Reynolds Guest Editor Issue right here, or better yet, go buy the whole box set here.

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