‘We’re All Going to Die’ is Essential Life Viewing

Photos by Liam Riley

You may have seen glimmers of filmmaker Stefan Hunt’s multimedia festival last year.

Aptly named We’re All Going to Die, Stefan’s creative brainchild persuaded people to not only stop sweating the small stuff, but to suck the marrow out of every day, for the rest of their lives.

Included in the ambitious inaugural event was a short film festival, where 15 filmmakers from across the world created original shorts based on a single word brief, such as ‘judgment’, ‘death’, ‘confrontation’ and more. Of course, young Mr Hunt made a one too; a production stacked with a heap of good souls, including Australian actor Hugo Weaving (voice only, not in the flesh). To celebrate the one year anniversary of possibly the biggest undertaking of Stefan’s life, he’s released his short film We’re All Going to Die online for the very first time, available for your viewing pleasure above. So go on, accept your fate and just have a fucking go.

We caught up with Stefan as he settles into his new pad in NYC, and chatted quitting your job, inner demon rascal bogans and more.

You’ve just moved to the Big Apple. How’s that all going?

NYC is my favourite fruit. When I first travelled here in 2006 I said to myself, “I’ll live here someday” and I’m frothing I’ve finally done it. I have two goals here. One is to direct a rap music video. The other is to read the weather on the news. Everything beyond that is a bonus.

We’re All Going to Die took a big chunk out of your life, can you tell me a bit about your massive year?

Yeah kinda ironic that a project about living life nearly killed me. I poured everything I had—creatively, financially, time—into it and was so burnt out by the end. But it was worth it. The message resonated with people. The Sydney festival sold out and we’ve since taken it to Byron Bay, Auckland and California. Such a surreal experience to collaborate with my favourite artists and spread a message that means so much to me. I’m starting to receive emails from groms who are quitting their jobs and chasing dreams because of our project.

What was the writing process like for your short?

The short film is adapted from my book We’re All Going To Die. I explain it as a poem written by a really talented eight-year-old kid who loves Dr Seuss.

You had Hugo Weaving narrating. How did you guys link up?

I was clubbing in Berlin and some guy offered me a red pill or blue pill. I took the blue pill and then Hugo kept chasing me to be in the film. True story.

Your boy Cam nailed it as DOP on this film. Tell me a bit about him.

Cam, aka Donut, is the best. We’ve grown up together making films and we now have this ability to finish each other’s creative thought process. The dude is so driven to learn and improve and they’re the people you want to be around. Plus he has this amazing talent of bringing the inner demon rascal bogan out of everyone which is great when you’re working with stiff advertising people. Multi-talented guy really.

Everyone really threw in their time for this piece. Were you blown away with everyone’s generosity and work ethic?

Yeah, it blows my mind and I’m forever grateful. Between the book, the film and the festival, we had over a hundred artists and crew work on it. The scale of the project was so ambitious that even with a successful Kickstarter campaign and my life savings we were still cutting corners and scraping pennies. I recently checked out the Beautiful Losers tenth-anniversary exhibit in NY and was reminded of that DIY vibe that they created with. It’s raw and real and brings out the best creatively.

Who was the actor? What’s his story?

His name is Jared Jekyll, he’s a comedian. He’s ridiculous in a really good way. When I was casting the role I saw him at Sydney Comedy Festival perform a song called ‘Torch for a Dick’ and I immediately thought, “This is our guy.”

What’s next for We’re All Going to Die?

We’re taking the festival to Melbourne and New York in 2019. World domination by 2020.

For more, head to We’re All Going to Die or Stefan’s website.

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