New Music for Old Ears

Earlobes are SO weird.

Have you actually ever really spent time touching yours? Go on, have a feel. What even are they? Why is there this leftover ball of unemployed flesh just hanging from your ear like an evolutionary afterthought? I can’t believe I haven’t pondered them sooner. Can you tell I’ve been sitting inside by myself all day? The only upside of my daylong confinement is the unearthing of these six new songs I can’t stop listening to. Don’t worry, none of them are about weird body parts. At least I don’t think so.

Pip Blom – Come Home

‘Come Home’ is the second single off of Pip Blom’s brand new debut EP, Paycheck. Hailing from Amsterdam, the band is named after its 22-year-old guitarist, singer, and songwriter. This song totally nails that whole ‘effortless effort’ vibe heaps of singers aim for but most miss. The band just supported The Breeders on their European tour, so it looks like I’m not the only one picking up what they’re putting down. Watch this space!

Bene – Soaked

How smooth is this song? Bene is an 18-year-old artist from New Zealand who was discovered by the same people responsible for introducing us to the likes of Lorde and Broods. What a team of refined ears they must be. Despite her youth, she sings about love like she’s been through some shit. Music journos have coined a whole new genre for her too, dubbing it “chilled out funky slack-indie”. Personally, I just like to put things into one of two categories—good or bad—and this song definitely falls in the former, nothing slack about it.

Cat Power – Stay

Normally I’d say you’re setting yourself up for a very public and humiliating defeat by trying to cover Rihanna, but there’s nothing normal about Cat Power. Chan has the voice of an angel with a pack-a-day habit, so whatever she sings sounds like some sort of badass divine intervention. Her cover of Rhianna’s 2012 hit ‘Stay’ is the second single off her new album, Wanderer, and it’s really something special. According to Chan, covering songs is a tradition that is “one of the highest compliments you can pay another artist. It’s one of the great traditions in American music and one of the true pleasures of music history.” Your move, Rihanna.

Julia Jacklin – Body

Julia Jacklin is the best artist in Australia right now. She is consistently brilliant in both her musical and visual output. Her voice is a rare gift, and her songwriting is magnificent. These are all facts that I state and therefore are total and irrefutable truths. I know the last time we had a woman named Julia leading the country it didn’t work out so well, but I think if Jacklin gave it a go, we’d be in good hands. Nothing she can’t do. Julia Jacklin 2019 (or whenever the government randomly decides to throw the next election). You heard it here first.

Lil Halima – Jasmine

All this young female talent in the world right now gives me so much hope. I just discovered Lil Halima, a 20-year-old Norwegian pop star who drops her debut EP, love songs for bad lovers, on October 12. She’s part of a new wave of R&B artists experimenting with samples and sounds, and her buttery vocals guide this track to R&B pop glory. Also, who the hell is Jasmine, and what could she possibly have on Lil Halima, anyway?

Cyanide Thornton – Weight

I love a good homegrown discovery as much as the next new music scourer, and I feel like I’ve really struck gold with Melbourne three-piece Cyanide Thorton (GREAT name, btw.) The band release their debut self-titled record on November 9, and this is the first single off of it. I was more than happy to sit back and listen to what I thought was an entirely instrumental track, only to be gleefully surprised with singer Sienna Thornton’s vocals at the near three-minute mark. Feeling really good about this one, and now also about November 9.

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