HUF Welcomes Justin Drysen

Photos by Dakota Mullins

Justin Drysen is a 22-year old kid from Orange County. But he doesn’t skate like one.

And that’s probably why he rides for Gilbert Crockett’s Quasi Skateboards, and now, HUF. Look out for more footage from Justin coming soon in HUF 002, but for now, get familiar with the young buck who ditches perfect SoCal handrails and skateparks for crusty sidewalks and ledges.

As Keith Hufnagel says, “Justin’s one of those rare examples in skateboarding, way ahead of his years. He skates super fast, is always improvising with quick feet, and somehow does it all with style and control—that’s exactly what HUF’s all about.”

The future’s lookin’ bright.

Check out Justin’s team page for HUF here.

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