15 Minutes of Tierra Whack

Discouraged by the abominable state of new music these days? Allow me to introduce its saviour: 22-year-old Tierra Whack.

The Philadelphia artist’s debut audiovisual album, Whack World, is a 15-minute tour of multiple genres, rap styles, vocal techniques, and surrealist imagery. Whack first began her musical journey as a rapper by the name of Dizzle Dizz, before experimenting with her sound over the last few years. The result is a mind-melting mix of soundscapes and styles, with each song clocking in at exactly one-minute long. Somehow, Whack manages to seamlessly merge each track into the other, despite huge shifts in sounds. On some tracks she raps, on others she speaks, and on a few, she throws in some Southern twang while delivering lines like “Well honey I’ve been so sick so sad / Whenever I’m happy it makes you mad / I hope your ass breaks out in a rash / You remind me of my deadbeat dad.”

Honestly, the delivery of this project is hard to fault. The beats, raps, visuals, and overall concept of Whack World is brilliant, and it’s a true example of an artist at the top of their game. And though the album only goes for 15 minutes, you’ll find yourself pressing that replay button more than a couple of times. At the time of writing, I’ve been listening to Whack World for 2 hours.

Keep your eyes on this woman. I think this is the beginning of something big.

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