A Day in the Life, with Beau Reid

Photos by Thomas Robinson

There’s certain individuals whose very existence drives home the fact that when it comes to the state of Australian skateboarding, things are looking better than just okay.

Beau Reid, the Newcastle raised and Sydney based skater, is one of them. Despite injuries and setbacks over the years, Beau and his ‘backwards man’ heelflip have forged ahead, establishing himself as one of the most compelling young talents in the game.

It’s no secret that skateboarders fall hard, and often. Given that Beau’s no stranger to a few flirtations with unforgiving surfaces, we decided that there was no better wearer of G-Shock’s new DW-5750E watch, released to mark their 35-year anniversary in the timekeeping game. With a flash alert and multi-functional alarm, plus shock and water resistance, the G-Shock’ equipped to deal with whatever life throws at you—or what you throw at it.

We recently spent the day with Beau in Sydney, where we headed to his favourite spots and peppered him with a few questions along the way. Check it out, below.

What would you consider one of your biggest achievements over the past couple of years?

It’d definitely have to be touring America with Andrew Reynolds and the Baker/Deathwish team a few years back now.

What do you still have left to check off the list?

I want to travel to Europe and Japan while I’m still young enough to skate, this would definitely be up there on my bucket list.

You can steal one talent from any other skateboarder—who and what is it?

It would be Grant Taylor hands down, he skates transition like no other and it would be amazing to be able to do just a couple of things out of his huge trick list.

If you could skate any spot, anywhere in the world tomorrow—where would it be?

If I could skate anywhere tomorrow I would have to say China, I have been seeing so much footage from there lately and it was the first thing that came into my head. Also, everything is marble and perfect for my kind of skateboarding.

Bo wears G-Shock DW-5750E, available online here. Keep up with Bo on the Gram @310g

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