Hugo and Jimmy of Flight Facilities

Jimmy From Flight Facilities Wants You to Remain Calm

Ever taken the travelator when walking is clearly quicker?

Ever sucked on a whole lollipop without cracking it? Ever sat for a whole hour without reaching for your phone? If so, then this playlist from Jimmy Lyell is not for you. You are already chilled enough.

Jimmy Lyell—otherwise known as Jimmy 2 Sox, or one-half of Aussie duo Flight Facilities alongside Hugo Gruzman—knows his way around a killer playlist. You’d hope so, being apart of one our most successful electronic music exports since, well… ever. The pair first started out DJing at Sydney nightclubs before releasing their hugely successful debut album Down to Earth in 2014, and the rest (including Sydney’s thriving nightlife scene), is history.

Though Jimmy’s choices are as eclectic as they are exemplary, we can’t say we’re too shocked about the inclusion of Aussie legend John Farnham in the mix—in a previous MC interview with the boys (minutes before they took to the stage with an entire symphony orchestra in their hometown) he told us that Farnsy was his first ever live concert experience. You never forget your first.

Go hit play on Jimmy’s chill playlist over on our Apple Music curators page (where you’ll find an entire collection of some of our favourite people’s A+ playlists), kick back and enjoy this sonic treat.

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