Two People: The Melbourne Duo You Should Know

Two People aren’t exactly new kids on the block.

Thrust onto the Aussie music scene as teenagers in Aussie band Snakadaktal, Phoebe Lou and Joey Clough have kept themselves busy in the years since the band’s break-up. The Melbourne duo has spent the last two years writing and recording their soon to be released EP, dropping a small selection of sublime electronic tracks that hint at big things to come. Though Two People remain slightly elusive for the time being, there’s one thing we know for sure—when Phoebe’s haunting, ethereal vocals meet Joey’s production prowess in an immersive live performance on stage, they’re going to blow your socks off. We caught up with Phoebe to find out more about Two very talented People, below.

Tell us a little about what you’ve got planned for your first ever live show?

 We started building the live show right after the record was finished. It was always something we considered and we had imagined it reaching further and wider than our recordings could. There was a lot to figure out because we were doing it live for the first time, we were starting from the start all over again. We play with a drummer which really brings it all to life and we make some of it up, so every show is a little different. It’s heated and intimate.

Describe each other’s musical skills in a sentence.

Joey breaks all the rules in the best way – Phoebe.

Phoebe always figures it out, often when I am stuck – Joey.

Who is your favourite musical duo and why?

Simon and Garfunkel. I listened to them a lot growing up.

Your track “I’m Tied, To You” has a very sexy sax in it. What’s the best sax you’ve ever heard in another song?

Thank you. Lou Reed’s “Walk On The Wild Side” or “Playground Love” by Air.

A must-have in the studio when you’re creating music?

Some nonsense and a good feeling. Or actually any kind of feeling. And good speakers.

You’re with Melbourne management Good Manners. What manners are most important?

Haha. Well, if manners means thinking of somebody else, then I think that’s a good idea.

You get to spend one week with any musician (living or dead). Who is it and why?

Nina Simone. She’s smart and brave.

Three musical inspirations of Two People?

Portishead, Thom Yorke, Darkside.

Are there any phrases you’ve adopted from one another from hanging out too much?

Oh, most things. We try pretty hard at not becoming the same person.

Something that the world doesn’t yet know about Two People?

We made our first album together when we were 14. We were old flames back then.

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