‘Human Experiment’ is the Group Exhibition You Need to See

Photography, t-shirt design and cinematography come together for one night only event, Human Experiment.

The collaborative exhibition from Jake Mein, Marcus Dixon and Izrayl Brinsdon bring together three different mediums, with the sole purpose of getting you away from your phone screen and in front of some real art—if only for a few hours.

Photo by Jake Mein

Jake Mein

Mein’s photos represent the untouched and the unfabricated side of New Zealand, one that’s a far cry from the stereotypical tourist shots we’ve become accustomed to seeing. Jake recently joined us on a trip around the South Island for the first in our travel series Everywhere Unseen, and we can confirm that not only is he an incredible photographer, he’s a solid Kiwi bloke too.

T-shirt by Marcus Dixon

Marcus Dixon

Dixon’s designs perfectly capture the larrikinism of Australia, an esoteric aspect of our country that’s hard to pinpoint for the outsider. It’s pub humour, meets witty observations, all tied up in one little true blue package of Australiana you’ll no doubt proudly rep in tee form.

Still from ‘Human Experiment’

Izrayl Brinsdon

Brinsdon’s film, Human Experiment, focuses on James Turvey, an Australian writer and skateboarder who used his love of words and skating to escape a life of domestic violence. Izrayl’s no stranger to the art of putting on a stellar exhibition—his 2016 photo exhibition Finger Blur involved him sending out 14 different disposables to 14 friends across the globe, and showcasing the best shots to return in the mail.

Head along to Down Under (the space below Freda’s) this Thursday at 6pm for free beer, incredible art and one hell of a night.

Prints by Jake Mein and t-shirts by Marcus Dixon will be available for purchase on the night.

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