Buy Issue 41 & Get Coldsmoke Gear

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So we messed up. (Actually FedEx did.) We promised there’d be Coldsmoke t-shirts in each tote bag at the Vancouver launch alongside the new issue, but said shirts never came. We waited and we drank and we actually didn’t feel all that bad because people’s bellies were full of Canada’s finest craft beer and they didn’t have to pay a cent for it! So now we get to entice you with the quality, locally-made garment, as they’ve just arrived at the LA office.

Also feeling a bit of unnecessary guilt, Coldsmoke threw in a couple of Vets Tusk Jackets below (worth $395!) for two lucky winners.

Buy issue 41 here by Christmas and we’ll include a Coldsmoke t-shirt and maybe a jacket. (US only)

Oh yeah and include your size. We have M and L.

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