A Dig Through the Archives with Jon Frank

Jon Frank’s a much-loved treasure of the photographic world.

There’s lots of photographers/filmmakers masquerading as artists, and Jon Frank’s not one of them. Not masquerading, that is. It’s pretty clear to us who spend long, tedious hours going through huge folders of photos which photographers have a certain je ne sais quoi with the lens, and Jon’s rarely eclipsed. Bearing that in mind, we thought he’d be more than equipped with handling our mindless (but insightful) trip through the hard drive that we call Disposable.

Shoot the view from your window

Bogotá, Colombia from 1999.

Shoot something funny

It’s like when you start an anecdote with, “Something really funny happened…” and then proceed to bore the pants off all present.

Shoot a girl

I always thought this photograph from Colombia in 1999 featured a female mannequin, but now I’m not so sure.

Shoot a friend

While not exactly friends, I feel this Tokyo stranger and I would really get along.

Shoot your favourite pair of shoes

Beachcombers (also known as Surfer Joes) were so hot in the 80s.

Shoot something that makes you happy

Nothing makes me happy, OK?

Shoot your last meal

My partner gets mad as hell at me when I eat my lunch next to a rubbish bin. It’s convenient.

Shoot a self-portrait

St. Kilda, Melbourne from the series Australians, which I’m renaming something that might prove more popular with publishers.

Shoot your wheels

I just love the smell of my oil-burning Merc. Leather seats, leatherette jacket.

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