The Midnight Studios x Converse Collab is Perfect

Being invited to collab on a shoe with Converse is pretty much as big as it gets for an emerging brand.

It therefore baffles me how often brands, studios or artists are given similar opportunities and come out with a whiffy product with the word “fuck” scribbled on it (how witty!). Thankfully, this isn’t one of those occasions. Not by a long shot.

Midnight Studios is the effortlessly hip LA label founded by designer Shane Gonzalez four years ago. He was only 19 at the time but Midnight Studios quickly became a name on the lips of those in the know, due to his ability to cherry pick the meaningful elements of iconic collections from designers like Vivienne Westwood and Yohji Yamamoto, and blend it with contemporary fashion to create endlessly wearable pieces. Pieces like his new Converse collab. “I’ve always loved the effortlessly cool style of different subcultures that spanned throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s,” explains Gonzales. “Anywhere from Teds and Rockers to Punk and Hardcore.”

The Converse x Midnight Studios release is tight, with just the One Star and Chuck 70 silhouettes being utilised, and on first glance they’ve got an unfinished look. But it’s all part of the idea. It’s a deconstructed shoe that, in a similar fashion to what Gonzalez does with his own range, pays tribute to the history that led up to this point. On the exterior, there’s exposed Paxar tags on both shoes and the Chucks have the iconic patch on the inside, with the player’s tag exposed for the first time in Converse history on the outside. “Taking those overlooked design aspects and bringing them to the outside, while repositioning the nicely finished and printed exterior to the inside, where it can only be seen off foot, is embedded in the attitude and emotion of the time,” Gonzales says of his design.

The release will be suitably limited, and the only places you can get them in Australia are Supply Store, Up There Store and Highs and Lows—but there’s a zero per cent chance that you’ll ever regret snapping up a pair.

They’re out tomorrow (14/6) so set your alarm and get queuing.

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