The Best New Music of The Week

We’re halfway through the year, and what do we have to show for it?

An unemployed Roseanne, a photo of Kim Kardashian at the White House, and these songs. I guess one out of three ain’t too bad.

Curtis Harding – It’s Not Over

Curtis just keeps making them hits. A year on from the release of his second album, Face Your Fear, comes this new track “It’s Not Over”, and with sounds this smooth, sultry and soulful, it better not be. Also, can we talk about that Vintage Gucci suit? I mean…

Moaning – Misheard

New kids on Sub Pop’s block, Moaning, really knocked it out of the park with this one. The LA trio dropped their debut self-titled album a few months ago, and this latest single from the record is a real standout. Also, is it just me, or can you hear a bit of a Cobain inflection in singer Sean Solomon’s vocals? Either way, into it.

St. Vincent – Fast Slow Disco

If you’re a fan of St. Vincent’s music, then you already know that she’s full of great ideas. Reworking the track “Slow Disco” from her latest album, MASSEDUCTION, into a dance floor hit is her latest example. I didn’t even know the original version could sound any better than it does, but then I pressed play.

The Internet – Come Over

After taking a break to concentrate on some of their solo projects, The Internet are back with their fourth album this August. “Come Over” is the first single from the record, titled Hive Mind, and it’s got more grooves in it than a thousand-year-old tree. Insert fire emoji.

IDLES – Danny Nedelko

I know ‘saving the best for last’ is an overworked cliché, but this time it’s the honest to gawd truth. IDLES are easily one of the best punk bands in the world right now, and I say that with total confidence. The five-piece Bristol band are set to release their second LP, Joy as an Act of Resistance, on August 31. This is their first single from the album—a pro-immigration anthem inspired by their friend, Danny Nedelko, a Ukrainian immigrant. Impossible to watch this music video without smiling, either. Simply charmed by the whole thing. 10/10, have already watched again.

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