Get Acquainted with Stay Lucky Co.

There’s surf in Perth, in case you were wondering.

And every now and then it actually gets pretty damn good. To service the needs of those who eagerly await these blue sky days, Stay Lucky was established. Located in Fremantle and founded by two brothers, James and Mitch Boyne, the ethos behind the store is high-performance surfing. The inspo for the store came when the boys took a Cali road trip back in ’15, and came to learn that surf stores in the States are more than just a place where you go to buy wax. They’re central to the community, part one-stop shop for everything you need in terms of hardware, part hang-spot/event space. And that’s what the boys set about recreating when they got back to Perth.

The boys stock brands from┬áthe tasteful end of the surfing spectrum: Epokhe, Vissla, Vans etc., and all the other necessary hardware that you could possibly want. They also throw an annual surf comp to get everyone together for a hell time, and the next one’s an all-in surf jam, 30-minute heats, no rashies. The store’s located at 1/8 Market Street in Fremantle, and you can also get your hands on everything you need on their site. As if that wasn’t enough, the Stay Lucky gang will also be dropping their own range of threads soon. So what’s it all about? Creating a core store that’s still there in 50 years, that’s what.

Head here for all things Stay Lucky.

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