FORM, the Festival Set in a City From the Future

FORM is an incredible festival.

Set in Arcosanti, Arizona—an experimental town designed by renowned architect Paolo Soleri in the middle of the desert—FORM has been around for several years now, but still manages to retain a DIY sensibility. Looking like a future civilisation, the city’s eccentric designs and environmental accountability provided the perfect backdrop for this year’s lineup that consisted of Fleet Floxes, Flying Lotus, Courtney Barnett, Beach House, Daniel Cesar, Blood Orange and more. Here are some of my favourite moments from the weekend that was.

I got in a night early before the festival started with the photo team. There weren’t bands or anything, but they were testing the stage lighting and it lit up the trees in a really interesting way.

Sigur Ros sound bath. When it ended, half the crowd was sleeping and we had to step over bodies to leave the venue.

Flying Lotus put on a 3D show. Although it looked pretty cool, I got better photos shooting the audience enjoying his set.

Vagabon is the coolest, she put on an incredible show. She also did a panel on the DIY New York punk scene in the 2000’s. I always love seeing her perform.

This is Maavven, a group of performance artists. They were involved in a ton of stuff over the weekend. All of it was pretty epic.

Courtney Barnett put on an incredible show. She always manages to blow my mind. Apparently she was extremely sick, but you would never know by seeing her performance.

The entire city was built with the sun’s rotation in mind, designed to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

H09909 was one of my favorite shows of the weekend. I somehow got this photo despite my proximity to a mosh pit and flashing strobes coming from every direction. I wonder how many seizures they’ve caused over the years…

The crowd waiting for Skrillex to come on stage.

This is a portrait of Hundred Waters. Zach (left) is the mastermind behind the festival. Nicole looked pretty epic.

Empress Of prior to her set. Her shirt doesn’t do justice to the extreme wind ripping through Arcosanti during our shoot.

People watching Empress Of on the roof of one of the structures.

Julie Byrne is the best. I randomly run into her all over the country and world, she’s an incredible musician and really fun to photograph.

Attendees laying out and enjoying the music.

Daniel Caesar performing to a full house.

Until next year…

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