‘Oh So Slow’ Was Oh So Good

You may have caught wind of the free three-day festival that found its way to the shores of Canggu.

For those who couldn’t make it to Oh So Slow, we’re sorry. For those that could, well, we know you had a good time. Just look at these hedonistic snapshots from three full days of surf, sun, art, film, and music in the Islands of the Gods.

The mind’s behind Bali’s best new boutique hotel, The Slow, curated one hell of a lineup, featuring artists such as Robbie Simon, tune selectors Reverb Radio, Allah-Lahs and Habibi, and to polish it all off, a rooftop film festival featuring the likes of Sam Kristofski, Layne Stratton, Tin Ojeda, Thomas Campbell and more. Put simply, they knocked it out of the park, which can only mean one thing—Oh So Slow Part Two, coming your way oh so soon.

Check out all the action from a sun-drenched few days, below.

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